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On Trial. Day 7

By Deputy Editor Sergeant Frosty.



Sergeant, where are your stripes?


 One week down, one to go. Maybe. A lot depends on how the case goes.


But you’ve still got me, Sergeant Frosty, looking after the blog for a while yet. It’s uncertain for how much longer. The meat-sack Editor has been told it may well go beyond two weeks, as it is a “Long Case”. He doesn’t seem happy about this.


Poor him.


Yesterday, we looked at the prospects for AH if one or more sapient beings evolved from creatures other than apes. The full discussion can be found HERE, but some of the highlights include:

Alexander Rooksmoor reminded us to:

... not forget reptiles, e.g. Silurians, especially now we know that dinosaurs became warm blooded much sooner than we thought.

Thande drew our attention to:

I only learned recently that archaeologists have learned that Neanderthal man lived on for many years in Gibraltar specifically after going extinct / blending with Homo sapiens elsewhere. Does make you wonder about other remote/defensible places where human subspecies or other intelligent beings could potentially hold out, then be rediscovered (sounds like one of those Victorian era adventure stories).

And Charles EP M pondered:

... a dark comedy in a tale of intelligent non-humans tracking down the mysterious Human of the Woods or an elephant-humanoid Professor Challenger telling us about "the wars that matter" after he's just helped wipe out Human Town in the Lost World.



Because it’s Sunday (or at least, it will be when most of you get round to reading this as it’s going up on Saturday evening and that’s a time for partying), today’s challenge has a religious theme.


If you recall the Easter story, Judas betrayed Jesus to the authorities for 30 pieces of silver. I’m not sure if that was a bargain for the authorities or not.

The Kiss of Judas.

Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

However, we get the discussion balancing Predestination and Free Will. If someone is predestined to do something, can they be said to have free will? If Judas does have the free will to make a different decision, then how does the Easter story alter if he does make that different decision?




Discuss this HERE.





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