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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Tom Anderson's "The Surly Bonds of Earth", prequel to his most recent release "Well Met By Starlight", is available for free download right now, for a limited time!

The year is 2052. Thirty years have passed since 2020 saw the United States and China wreck each other in a nuclear exchange. A fully federalised EU, including member states on all continents, is the world's greatest superpower; but that world is troubled. Humanity has survived war, climate change, terrorism and plague, but as the population rises towards ten billion, mankind is running out of room. As A.I. pioneers threaten to obsolete humans, a controversial physics theory slowly gains ground. Both will change the world as pressure over resources lead a new march to war.

"The Surly Bonds of Earth" is a story of beginnings, of how a world we recognise--with some subtle differences--enters the future.

What do the critics say? (Quotes from Amazon and Goodreads reviews)

"Featuring twists, turns and the occasional quite unexpected shock, this work has elements that will appeal to fans from across the whole range of science fiction."

"[T]his is a story that is actually interested in the world as the world and not just America and the UK. That looks seriously at what will happen in Africa as much as anywhere else...[a]nd it helps that the characters are so charming."

"[The alternate history context] suffuses the story with a 1990s, end-of-history optimism, almost making it feel like another timeline's speculative fiction. It's hard to explain - maybe you should see for yourself!"

"[H]ard sci-fi with a heart."

This story is currently available for FREE here. The setting is revisited in the new novel "Well Met By Starlight".



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