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On Trial. Day 1.

By The Editor.

Going AWOL for a time.


There is likely to be an unpredictability about if and when articles will be posted on the blog for the next fortnight or so. I’m going to be on jury service from May 13, and it is probable that by the time I get back from a hard day of sentencing people to be transported as convicts to Australia, I’m not going to be in any fit state to final-check and post articles.


It could be that I’m wrong. Maybe I will have the energy after a long day of focusing on whatever case I’m allocated to. However, I’m not going to bet the mortgage on that being the case.


I’ve been told that my term of service is for two weeks or, with a Starship Troopers-style twist, "as much longer as may be required by the trial to which I have been appointed".


(And, in an exceptional example of middle-class grumbling, I am entitled to claim up to £64.95 per day for loss of earnings. Sunshine, I charge more than twice that per hour of contracted work. I digress).


At the moment, I’ve no idea how long this hiatus will last for.


In order to avoid the disaster of a blank page, or the calamity of an unmoving, out-of-date page, I’m going to attempt to put up a daily question or situation, and you lot, will give interesting, imaginative and – above all – wrong answers in the comment section. The best (in the totally impartial judgement of Sergeant Frosty) will be included on the page the next day, and the next question revealed.

Your impartial judge.

You’re quite right, I’m getting you lot involved more directly to ease my work load. It seems the simplest solution.




Today’s Question is:


President Edson Arantes do Nascimento of Brazil and Prime Minister Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore of the Independent Free State of London are meeting. Explain the context.

The greatest footballer of all time, President Edson Arantes do Nascimento of Brazil.

Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

The other greatest footballer of all time (far right), Prime Minister Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore of the Independent Free State of London.

Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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