Phase 10 Release - All ten new titles now available from all ebook stores

Updated: Mar 2

By Sea Lion Press

After going live on Amazon last month, all ten of Sea Lion Press' Phase 10 titles are now available on myriad alternative ebook stores - just like the rest of our catalogue.​

As a reminder, Phase 10 contains:

· Beyond the Sunset by Andy Cooke

· Drake’s Drum: The Peace of Amiens by Nicholas Sumner

· The Surly Bonds of Earth by Tom Anderson

· When The Hurly-Burly’s Done by George Kearton

· Chamberlain Resigns and Other Things That Did Not Happen by Charles E.P. Murphy

· Tales From Section D by David Flin

· Bring Me My Bow by David Flin

· The Boy In The Storm by Nick Peel

· Caesars of the Bosphorus by Tim Venning

· Fight Them On The Beaches edited by Katherine Foy

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