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NEW RELEASES: Five new books available!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Christmas has come early for Sea Lion Press readers, with a bumper release of five new titles

New Sea Lion Press author Elizabeth Jones brings readers her mysterious tale of occult forces, remote Scottish islands and... the Liberal Party. The Strange Campaign of Jonathan Fortune is a perfect page-turner for those long winter nights. The electioneering/spookiness crossover you didn't know you needed.

Tim Venning returns with a new essay collection about the Stuarts and their tumultuous reign. Bonnie King Charlie considers questions of a more sustained succession, a successful Jacobite rising (or two), and more.

Alternate Australias brings together authors from around the world to tell tales of, as the title suggests, different fates for the world's largest island. Who better to edit such a collection than Lands of Red and Gold's own Jared Kavanagh?

Misfit Squadron returns in Simon Brading's The Siege of Gibraltar. Expect daring tales of aerial combat as new equipment may not prove enough to save a desperate attempt to escape the Mediterranean.

Finally, the long-awaited conclusion to Iain Bowen's tales of Viscount Fawsley has arrived: A Pellucid Twilight charts Norman St John-Stevas' efforts to prevent war as the shockwaves of 1980s Britain's dislocation to 150 years earlier finally begin to subside.

All these books are available now.



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