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NEW RELEASES: The Maltese Defence, The Longest Road, and Walking Through Dreams

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

November is a month of serials here at Sea Lion Press, as one popular series continues, an epic saga concludes, and an esteemed online work publishes its first for-sale volume with us.

The Maltese Defence continues Simon Brading’s sparky and exhilarating Misfit Squadron series, in which an alternate Second World War rages around the life and loves of a group of Royal Aviator Corps airmen and women with their unconventional attitudes to tactics, authority, and aircraft design. This fifth volume takes the Misfits to Malta, under siege from both the Prussian and Italian air forces, and of just as much strategic importance as in our timeline. It’s available for pre-order now. Haven’t tried the Misfit Squadron books yet? The first volume in the series, The Battle Over Britain, is on sale now for just 99p or the equivalent local price.

The Longest Road marks the end of an era. George Kearton’s House of Stuart Sequence began with a successful Jacobite rising in The Year of the Prince back in 2016. Now, after eight volumes and two hundred years of radically-altered history, the ninth and concluding part of the story is on its way. Denmark has fallen, the Baltic is a Russian lake, and what lies ahead is uncertain.

To mark the release of The Longest Road, the first volume in the series, The Year of the Prince is now available at half price. Buy it today for only 99p in the UK and equivalent prices elsewhere.

Walking Through Dreams is the first volume of Jared Kavanagh’s Lands of Red and Gold series, an extremely well-regarded work in the online alternate history community. Sea Lion Press is privileged to be bringing Jared’s tale of a different aboriginal Australia to a wider audience. This also represents another small landmark in Sea Lion Press’ history – with our first Australasian-focused title now on its way, the only remaining continent not focused on by one of our books is Antarctica. And we may have a plan for that…

The Maltese Defence is available now for pre-order. Walking Through Dreams and The Longest Road will be available for purchase from Friday 29th November.


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