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On Trial. Day 4

By Deputy Editor Sergeant Frosty.


I'm still here and he's still away.



He’s still away, so I’m still in charge. Aren’t you lucky.


As you’re probably aware by now from previous article in this series (Here, Here, and Here), I’m the Deputy Editor, and my name is Sergeant Frosty, probably the only Snow Marine on the forum. It’s quite hard being a Snow Marine when the warm weather arrives.


But that’s the thing with not being laden down with the inconvenience of being human – we have a different perspective than you meat-sacks. We’ll be looking into this further down the page.


When I say we, I really mean you. I’m a sergeant. Sergeants supervise. They tell people what to do.


First, we need to look at yesterday’s challenge. This was a battle royale between St Patrick and the snakes of Australia. A full view of the discussion can be found HERE, but some of the highlights include:


 Ncw8 regaled us with:

“God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are three in one, just like the leaves of the passionflower. Then there are the archangels, who are like the legs of a spider - Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Sariel, Raguel, and Remiel”

“But that’s only sev—”

“Shhh! You don’t want him pulling a leg off that spider. Not again.”

As always, Ncw8 finds an angle of humour. Meanwhile, Alex Richards suggested:

St. Patrick unfortunately hadn't reckoned with the widespread belief of the locals in some sort of snake spirit who brought the rain. Naturally apprehensive about losing their source of water, they drive him out of Australia instead waving snakes as their banner, inadvertently sparking the creation of a more centralised, ritualised version of the Dreamtime.

Which is certainly an interesting take and I for one would like to see more on the Dreamtime.




Today’s challenge. Megacity One famously voted for Dave the Orang Utan to be Mayor of the city (and he was, by all eyewitness accounts, the best mayor the city ever had. I am sure Charles EP Murphy will be able to confirm).

Dave, Mayor of Megacity One. Could only be bribed with banana daiquiris.

Picture courtesy Judge Dredd Wiki.

I’ve seen a number of historical documents in which animals play a leading role: Lassie, Trigger, Black Beauty, Garfield, Smaug, and countless others. As far as I know, none of them has ever gone into politics, however.

Pick your favourite political leader.

Pictures courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

You’re way ahead of me.


I was wondering which animals from these historical documents would make the best political leaders. I expect you to explain.


Incidentally, the American constitution famously requires candidates for the Presidency to be born in America – but is there anything that requires candidates to be human? Could Howard the Duck, during his 1976 campaign, have gained the position if he had beaten Ford and Carter. Would he have been a better President than either of those two?

Carter, Ford, and Howard. Who would you vote for in 1976?

Pictures courtesy Wikimedia Commons and

Discuss this article Here.





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