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NEW RELEASES: Alternate Irelands, Australias, Americas and Englands

A collection of stories exploring alternate Irelands forms part of our newest batch of four books available now.

The Proxy Dance by Jared Kavanagh continues his acclaimed Lands of Red and Gold series. Aururia is a land where a new crop emerged thousands of years and changed societies across what we call Australia. As the English and Dutch battle each other across the continent, can the Aururians find a way to maintain their independence and turn the invaders' technology and weapons against them?

Chasing Shadows by Bob Mumby posits the question of what might have happened if the 1930s Business Plot against FDR had gone ahead. At its head was Smedley Butler, at the time the most decorated US Marine in history... and not someone altogether sympathetic with those who were trying to put him into power. When Butler turns on his former allies with an unexpected radical zeal, the consequences for the United States and the world as a whole will be enormous.

The Blood and the Ghost by Alexander Rooksmoor takes readers back to a different early history for England. Following King Alfred’s execution in 878, the entirety of Wessex and Mercia came under Danish rule. Twenty-five years on, however, some still fight to restore Saxon kingdoms. To head off such a threat, two extraordinary siblings are sent off in pursuit of Alfred's grandchildren.

The Emerald Isles is a collection of short stories about alternate histories of Ireland. Edited by Gary Oswald, thirteen talented writers will show you glimpses of the Irelands that never existed.

All these books are available now in Our Books.



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